A Couple of Alternative Methods

to Release Your Issues

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An Energy Clearing Process

This is an Energy Clearing session by Christie Marie Sheldon. So, what do I mean by your "energy clearing"? In a nutshell, I'm talking about clearing what I'm going to refer to as our negative energy in the form of our negative thoughts, beliefs, & feelings that are actually stored in our bodies. All of these are a result of how we were conditioned in our lives, mostly in our childhoods, by our families, our society and our culture. This conditioning not only gets locked in our psyches but it also gets stored in our bodies. 

An Energy Clearing Process - Christie Marie Sheldon
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The 5 Steps of this

Clearing Process

The Higher Emotional Vibrations  Exercise
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Higher vibration emotions are the more positive emotions and the ones that feel lighter, are more expansive and more energizing. Be sure to download the "Emotional Guidance Scale" below to give you an idea of what is meant by "Higher vibration emotions".

If you have difficulty with this exercise it just means that you have to some work on clearing some of the negative thoughts and feelings that are covering over your positive ones.

The Higher Emotional Vibrations Exercise - Dave Dodge
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