There certainly has been a lot of talk about the Law of Attraction, especially since it was reintroduced to mainstream modern society by the book called "The Secret" written by Rhonda Byrne in 2006. 
A main theme I found in my experience with the book and general information about the Law of Attraction and Manifesting since then is that attracting what I wanted was not as easy as most people selling Law of Attraction products make it out to be. And, those teaching about the Law of Attraction don't focus on what I think is the most important aspect of Attracting what you want in life. And that is, in order to Allow and Receive
If you've been looking into this subject for any length of time, you may also share this experience with me along with millions of others.
What I've learned, along with many others now, is that it is not simply a task of "Ask and Receive", it is the ability to "Ask, Believe and Receive". In other words, if you don't Believe you're going to get or are entitled to get what you're asking for, then you will never Receive whatever it is you are asking for. So it's your negative thoughts and Beliefs that are preventing you from getting the "good stuff".
So, in order to get what you want you have to Release the negative thoughts and Beliefs that are preventing you from getting that "good stuff". That's what the Law of Attract what you're thinking and feeling. If you're thinking negative thoughts have negative beliefs and feelings then you will attract negative things into your life. And, by the same token, if you're thinking positive thoughts you will have positive beliefs and feelings and you will attract positive things in your life.
It's that simply right? All you have to change your negative thoughts into positive ones. Just stop thinking the negative ones and replace them with positive ones. Can't do it? Why not? What's wrong with you? Everybody else who wants to seems to be able to do it? So why can't you do it?
No, it's not that simple at all! But most writers on the subject of the Law of Attraction and Manifestation make it out to sound way more simple than it is and skim over the part (the most important part) of how to change your negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings into positive thoughts, beliefs and feelings?
They don't fully address this issue because they really don't know how to do it, especially if one's negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings are so deeply ingrained and conditioned from past hurts and traumas. They don't really know how to break down the barriers that our blocking your dreams and desires from materializing.






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