Are You a People Pleaser?

Do you try to please others so they will like you and approve of you? Do you hold back from speaking your mind so you don’t “rock the boat”? 

Is it hard for you to express your own thoughts and feelings when they are different from others, especially those who you are close to?

Is it hard for you to take initiative or do you find it easier to go along with what others think, say and do? Is it difficult for you to say “No”? Is this tiring?

Do you often feel that what you do is not good enough and never will be?

A People Pleaser is a person who is looking for Love (and Approval) in all the wrong places. They try to please those around them to get that Love and Approval. This People Pleasing pattern was formed in childhood when we had to give up “parts” of ourselves to try to get our parents’ love, approval, and validation. 

By giving up “parts” of ourselves, I mean we felt like we had to give up our right to have our own thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors so we could “fit” into our families and other social structures in childhood. We learned back then that being “Good” was what others wanted but not necessarily what we wanted. Somehow, we took on the pattern of pleasing others to protect ourselves from our perception of being alone or abandoned. This harmful pattern simply extends to our relationships with others in adulthood and creating havoc in our relationships at home, with friends and in the workplace.

All of these behaviors come from irrational self-beliefs that have been caused by some kind of distress or trauma in our earlier lives and can lead to great frustration and fatigue and contribute to chronic anxiety, low self-esteem, eventual depression and even chronic illness. 


But, be assured, you are not doomed
to a lifetime of People Pleasing! 

The good news is: you can easily let go 
of these conditions with the 
therapeutic methods I use!!!! 

These People Pleasing patterns are not who you really are and you don’t have to continue behaving from a place of needing others’ approval to be happy.






The Therapeutic Methods I use 
will help you RELEASE
your People Pleasing Patterns!



I will help you: 

      - have more confidence in your ability to express your own thoughts, beliefs                      and feelings 
without apology 

      - learn how to no longer second-guess yourself

      - develop healthy boundaries

      - accept yourself instead of being so self-critical

      - learn how to nurture yourself so you don’t have to get others to “fill you up”

      - be able to make healthy decisions in your own best interest

     - learn to relax and feel safer and more secure

     - develop realistic goals/expectations of yourself 

     - develop flexibility and authenticity

      - demonstrate multiple improvements in your performance on the job, in school,              and at home

      - increase your communication skills 

      - live a more balanced and happy life






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