Pain Relief and Pain Release 

Pain Relief and Pain Release 

Recent brain research shows that emotions change how we perceive pain.

It has been recently discovered that the area in the brain where we feel our emotions and the area in the brain where we feel actual physical pain are surprisingly close together in proximity. It is also being discovered that a person’s unresolved trauma and distress get held and “stored” in the body as well as in the psyche. And, because of this closeness in proximity, the buildup over time of one’s unresolved negative emotions gets “stored” and exacerbates one’s physical pain.

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Therefore, your current physical pain will increase because of one, the negative emotions you have “stuffed” during your lifetime, and two, the more negative thoughts and feelings you have in relation to your current physical pain issues, (i.e., stressing out about the pain itself, how it affects your relationships with your family and friends, frustration with how it decreases your ability to do the things you used to do, etc.)

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Pain Relief - In the cases where there are actual physical injuries that are causing one’s pain, the pain can be significantly reduced, depending on how much negative emotions you are holding onto at any given time.


Pain Release and Chronic Pain - We hold our "Issues in our Tissues" - I have also found that pain in various parts of the body, (if not associated with a physical injury), especially the back, abdomen, and tension headaches can be the result of suppressed negative thoughts and emotions such as anger, resentment, fear, guilt and shame, etc. These forms of pain can be released entirely if they are the result of suppressed negative feelings.

To learn more about Chronic Pain and where yours came from, if you have it, click here.

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