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Couple's Therapy

Imago Relationship Therapy

for Couples and Families

With a current divorce rate of 50% or so, what are our chances

of being one of the lucky ones and be part of a happy, long-lasting relationship?

Dave Dodge, L.C.S.W.

The statistics say our marriage has a 50-50 chance of ending in divorce or staying together. Actually, our chances are a lot better than the statistics show. The trick is to understand why 50% of relationships break up before these couples learn how to remedy their situation. Imago Theory gives a clear understanding of the very predictable universal stages that all couples go through and how these stages can be properly dealt with to not only prevent breakup, but to also enrich one’s relationship so it can be happy and fulfilling.

Our society teaches us that if we don’t stay in the “romantic stage”, then we must not be with the right partner. We can then easily change our partners, blaming them for not being “the Right One”. However, Imago teaches us that as adults we always choose the right partner and do so to complete the work of childhood. If we don’t resolve our issues with our current partners, we will just keep repeating the same dysfunctional emotional patterns over and over again no matter with whom we get involved.

What is Imago (Couples/Family) Relationship Therapy?

Imago Relationship Therapy was created by Harville Hendrix and is a fairly new and revolutionary model of treatment that not only is very effective in treating couples, but is also equally effective in treating family systems. 

The essence of Imago Therapy is based on the assertion that we all choose our partners in life from the unconscious images (Imago) we have of both the positive and negative traits from each of our parents (or primary caretakers). We make these unconscious choices so we can have our childhood emotional “wounds” healed by our chosen partners, that is, to get the nurturing and care from our partners in those areas we did not get as a child. 


Because of this, we often respond to our partners in adult life as we did to our parents when we were children. And, since these are initially unconscious choices, we go through certain very predictable (and sometimes very frustrating and stressful) stages in our relationships until we can bring these unconscious patterns to the conscious level so we can understand them better.

Imago Relationship Therapy believes that our partners can eventually heal all our childhood wounds, as we can heal theirs. We can develop much more healthy emotional relationships with our partners in the form of what are called “conscious relationships.” But to do so we have to successfully negotiate and survive the “power struggle stage”, practice to be “conscious” in our daily living during the “transformation stage”, so we can eventually reach the “mature love stage”. Imago Therapy helps us to do just that.


This process can be very brief compared to other forms of couples therapy because the therapist provides the couple with a series of basic skills for healthy communication. These skills are then practiced and developed at home. Therapy is ultimately made obsolete, as each partner becomes a skilled advocate and "container" for the other's growth process.


You will learn the skills to:  


     - Develop more effective communication,


     - Break destructive cycles of relating,


     - Develop the ability to view each other as a resource rather than an obstacle,


     - Restore the empathetic bond between you and your partner,


     - Resolve long-standing conflicts and heal old hurts,


     - Develop greater compassion for your partner,


     - Manage frustration and upset with an outcome of healing and growth,


     - Help each other to move from reactivity to “containment”, and 


     - Rediscover the joy, hope, and passion of when you first met.

You will learn the skills to:  


     - Develop more effective communication,


     - Break destructive cycles of relating,


     - Develop the ability to view each other as a resource rather than an obstacle,


     - Restore the empathetic bond between you and your partner,


     - Resolve long-standing conflicts and heal old hurts,


     - Develop greater compassion for your partner,


     - Manage frustration and upset with an outcome of healing and growth,


     - Help each other to move from reactivity to “containment”, and 


     - Rediscover the joy, hope, and passion of when you first met.

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What Sets My Practice Apart from Others


In my practice I  use Alternative  therapeutic  methods such  as E.M.D.R. (Eye Movement Desensitization and ReprocessingBrainspottingE.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Parts Therapy, W.H.E.E. Therapy, The Sedona Method, Ask and Receive, etc., to help people release the disturbing memories that create their negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors. These memories are stored in the deeper parts of the brain and are the root causes of their mental/emotional issue(s) (i.e., anxiety, worry, panic, fear, phobias, depression, anger, guilt, shame, even physical pain, etc.).


These methods are relatively easy, quick and very effective. As I have worked with these methods over the years, it has been my experience that once the disturbing memories (along with any “extra-charge” of emotion connected to the memories) are released so too are the issue(s) that the client initially came in with to work on. Length of treatment depends on the level of intensity and duration of the disturbing event/events the client experienced.

The following is a list of reasons why my Therapy Practice is different and, perhaps, more effective than other Therapy Practices;

  • Since I was an adolescent it has been my passion to help others, resulting in 40 plus years of experience and accumulated knowledge working with people of all ages in all kinds of therapeutic mental health and drug and alcohol treatment settings. 


  • Because of my need to work on my own issues with anxiety, anger/rage, depression, sadness, etc. in my earlier years, I am now better able to empathize with, have greater compassion for and can better understand what people with these issues are currently going through.


  • I can also empathize with those who have put a lot of time and money into their therapy but are left frustrated with a lack of substantial progress with the traditional talk therapy method.


  • I was in talk therapy for about 10 years in my twenties and thirties, and, despite all those years spent talking about my issues, I ended up with quite a bit of the same intensity of emotion as I walked in with 10 years prior. That's because talk therapy is not able to release the overwhelming emotions that actually shut down our cognitive abilities to find our answers to our problems.


  • Because of my unsatisfying experience with traditional talk therapy, I developed a rather incessant "thirst" to find and learn more effective ways that could effectively and safely release my overwhelming emotions so I could then easily find the "answers" I needed to resolve my issues. And now, I help countless others do the same.


  • And, clients often compliment me on my "grounded-ness" and empathetic nature, my ability to engage and communicate in a relaxed and comfortable manner, creating a sense of safety, trust and ease in the therapeutic environment, while giving lots of feedback when it is called for to help clients deepen their understanding of themselves and their various circumstances.


As a result, I have become very proficient in helping others resolve their issues

and RELEASE their negative thoughts,

feelings, & dysfunctional behaviors.


Yes, I said "RELEASE" because the therapies I use not only release the symptoms of your issues, that which causes the most physical and emotional stress, but they will resolve the underlying issues as well, releasing your negative thoughts, negative feelings and dysfunctional behaviors ONCE AND FOR ALL!

I've even found ways to help those suffering from physical pain to get relieve and/or release from their physical pain without medication or more medication. And, I have developed a very unique weight loss process for those who are finding it difficult to lose weight and keep it off.


The Therapies I use are much more effective, quicker, easier

and safer than Traditional Therapy.  


Although I believe in and include some of the core concepts of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in my Practice, I have realized for quite a while that, although it can be very good for some, it is not very effective for people who are overwhelmed with emotion. Emotional overwhelm can and does create conditions that actually shut down the logical, thinking part of the brain and make it very difficult, if not impossible at the time of overwhelm, to find the appropriate answers to solve our problems.

Traditional (talk) therapy also puts the emphasis on "managing", "coping with", "controlling" or "dealing with" the symptoms of stress, worry, anxiety, fear, depression, etc., verses getting to the "root" of the problems and RELEASING both the symptoms and problems ONCE AND FOR ALL .

Even medication, the most effective method of the traditional therapies, is only a temporary relief from the symptoms of these issues and, actually, “masks” the true problems causing the symptoms. Therefore, the best the traditional therapies are going to be able to do for you is to have you live with, manage, cope or try to control your symptoms and problems for the rest of your life.

And, some of the techniques used in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy actually re-traumatize clients around their issues and make it even harder for those clients to get better because they come to distrust therapy and therapists in general. A lot of the clients I get have had bad experiences with therapists “forcing” them to deal with their overwhelming feelings, not realizing that the client’s “resistance” has to do with their not feeling safe in that situation.

The new, improved, more progressive therapies I have found are safer, quicker, easier, and more thorough than current, established therapeutic methods. They cut through emotional overwhelm in a very safe and effective manner, and RELEASE not only the symptoms of your stress, worry, anxiety, fear, depression, anger, guilt, shame, sadness, etc., but they also RELEASE the “root” of the problem causing the symptoms, thus letting go of the problem, the negative feelings and the dysfunctional behaviors ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Not only have I helped countless clients with the amazing cutting-edge methods I use, I personally have benefited greatly from these methods as well. I have come from hating myself to loving myself, from feeling non-deserving to deserving, from feeling not being good enough to being good enough unto myself, allowing for more peace, happiness and fulfillment in my life. I can do this for you as well.






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Very knowledgeable and experienced therapist