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Pay for Therapy session below to help you Release your Stress, (in whatever form(s) it takes with you, i.e., anxiety, worry, fear, depression, anger/rage, guilt, shame, physical pain, weight and overeating problems, drug/alcohol consumption, smoking, promiscuity, or physical illness and disease such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes, etc., etc.) The very effective therapeutic methods I use will help you Release the Stress that is causing the problems in your life!

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Please note that I am an "Out of Network" provider, so depending on your insurance policy, you may be able to collect partial payment (up to 70% - 80%) if you are eligible for an “out-of-network therapist for outpatient mental health therapy sessions”.​

Please call (914) 392-4350 if you have any questions. Thank you for your interest!

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Enjoy Your Newfound Relaxation!

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The nature sounds above are induced with Bilateral Stimulation (you'll notice the sounds go from left to right in your headphones) to better connect and balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain which will help you relax the more you listen to it. For the best results listen to these mp3s with stereo headphones to get the full effect of the bilateral stimulation. The bilateral stimulation mp3s can be listened to at any time while you are doing any activity (except while handling any kind of machinery, including driving) if played on low volume in the background. Enjoy!


Disclaimer: Please note that the bilateral stimulation effect of these mp3s are meant to help you relax. However, bilateral stimulation can also bring up unpleasant feelings because it is a part of the E.M.D.R. process to release traumatic material. Therefore, if at any time, these mp3s cause unpleasant feelings within you, please take off your headphones and return to these sounds at a later time.​

Dave Dodge, L.C.S.W.
Mt. Kisco, N.Y.
(914) 242-3484
Skype and telephone sessions are also available
Skype name - dave.dodge11

I am a therapist with over 40 years of experience working with people to help them resolve the issues that are creating problems in their life. I am Certified and trained in a number of alternative therapies that are quicker, easier and much more effective than talk therapy in releasing one's issues.

Please also visit my other website for more information on how I can help you.