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Stop Smoking
The Real Deal Weight Loss Process



Why Don’t People Stop Smoking?  

So, what are the reasons why you don’t stop smoking??? I’m sure you know that smoking is dangerous to your health, promotes the possibility of an early, ugly, painful death, is costly, makes you and your belongings smell horrible, is more and more socially unacceptable making you more and more of a social outcast outside of your smoker’s circle, etc., etc. 


So, why do you continue to smoke? It all comes down to one thing...FEAR! 

Fear that you’ll have to give up your pleasure with nothing to replace it  

Fear that you won’t be able to enjoy life or handle stress  

Fear that you will put on weight   

Fear that you’ll have to go through an awful trauma to get free  

Fear that you’ll never get completely free of the craving                         

Which all comes down to one overriding Fear:

   Stopping smoking is going to be
      too painful and too difficult!  



Nothing to Fear - Everything to Gain!  

Dave’s advanced techniques will address and dispel each and every one of your individual fears to the point where you can leave the session a happy, permanent non-smoker. It will not be painful, it will be easy and painless.




The Methods Dave Uses Make It Easy! 

You will not have any cravings or feelings of deprivation!!!   

There will be NO unwanted weight gain! You will not transfer your previous smoking addiction to another substance! You will not have to give up your "pleasure"! 

Dave will help you break up all of the positive associations you have connected with smoking so you can let go of the habit quickly and easily. 

Then Dave will help you transfer the “pleasure” you got from smoking and reconnect you to more healthy “pleasures” and effective ways of relaxing so you can deal with stress more effectively than ever before.  

Dave's Unique Approach 

Because of Dave’s many years of training, experience, and accumulated knowledge, he is highly specialized to help you stop smoking. Dave combines the best therapeutic techniques that he has learned over the years from various disciplines such as Hypnosis, Brainspotting, E.M.D.R., Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Parts Therapy , as well as other therapies as necessary. 

Dave understands that the unconscious mind is the “computer program” that forms and controls all of our behaviors, and to get in touch with the unconscious is the only way to change the “computer program” so you can effectively change your behaviors forever. Dave will help you do this with each of the methods he will utilize to help you stop smoking. 

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As a result of years of experience working in many mental health and drug & alcohol facilities, and having been a C.A.S.A.C. (Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor) for a number of years before giving up the credential, Dave Dodge has developed an approach for the treatment of substance abuse that is based on the following realizations:


1. Those who do not learn how to manage and/or express their feelings appropriately are more likely to become smokers, drink more alcohol, (use more drugs) and consume more calories.


 2. Substance abuse, in any form, is a behavioral manifestation of some kind of unresolved feelings we may have. We all have some sort of  emotional “lack” in our lives, with everyone’s individual “lack” based on his/her childhood experiences.

 3. Our beliefs about ourselves are the major determinates for how we feel about ourselves, and, in turn, how we eventually act out these feelings via our behaviors. Therefore, we are what we believe we are! So, if our beliefs & thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are negative, we have to change those beliefs to change our behaviors. 

 4. Trauma is at the root of all dysfunction. Our negative beliefs about ourselves are caused by the various traumas we have suffered in our lives. These negative beliefs feed our negative thoughts and feelings and result in our negative or dysfunctional behaviors.       

 5. There is a “positive intention” for every behavior we exhibit, no matter how dysfunctional that behavior might be. These “ intentions” are “contracted” in our unconscious minds at young ages to help us to protect ourselves back then. However, these “contracts” have become rigid and dysfunctional and have to be transformed into healthier “contracts” for our adult lives.


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The Real Deal Weight Loss Process - for more information on this topic please go      

             to:  https://www.davedodgetherapy.com/weight-loss-problems-caused-by-stress


The Therapeutic Methods I use

will help you RELEASE

your Addictive/Abusive Behaviors!




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