How to Get Anxiety Relief

Right Now

The Quickest, Easier and Most Effective Way

To Get Immediate Anxiety Relief with Bilateral Tapping

This exercise is particularly effective for those of you with high stress and anxiety, even panic attacks, if you catch it at its very beginnings. Simply repeat this process until you get a sense of feeling better, relaxing, or letting go. Tap your left leg with your left hand then tap your right leg with your right hand. The trick is to tap bilaterally, meaning alternately, one then the other, right, left, right, left, (or, left, right, left, right), etc. Continue this process until you feel less anxious/calmer. You can get a better impression of this measure, perhaps, if you ask yourself what number of intensity of anxiety you have before you start tapping (1-10 with 10 being the most intense). As you tap, periodically ask yourself what the number of intensity is. You will find that the number continues to go down the longer you persist in tapping.

You can also tap your left foot, then your right foot, left, right, left, right, until you feel relief/release of the stress or anxiety. This is a particularly good way to do it at work because no one will notice that you are doing it. You can also give yourself what is called a "butterfly hug". This is done by hugging yourself, with left hand on right arm and right hand on left arm. Then just started tapping alternately back and forth with your hands, left, right, left, right, and so on until you get to the relaxation level that you desire.

Butterfly hug demonstration by older male

This is just one of the many therapeutic methods I use to help you release anxiety, fears, phobias, panic attacks, depression or unwanted anger, (guilt, shame, etc., etc., etc.) quickly, easily and very effectively. Questions? Give me a call or send mean email.  

WARNING: The purpose of this exercise is to help you relax and most people find it very relaxing. However, if, while tapping, you start to feel any uncomfortable feelings, stop tapping immediately. If you have any questions you can call me or email me.






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