A Couple of Ways to Make You More Aware of Your Issues

Don't Know What Your Issues Are?
Here's a couple of ways to figure that out.

Click on the "Tool" you are interested in.

Click on the "Tool" you are interested in.

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The Finger of Judgement/
The Finger of Blame/Shame

Although it may not seem so, this can be a very powerful tool to help you realize that what you think of negatively about yourself you project onto others in judgement. I discovered that "Pointing the finger" and judging or blaming others was a reflection of what I didn't like about myself, thus being a great way to discover my own insecurities and feelings of limitation. I could then work on these issues with the methods I use and Release them once and for all.

The Finger of Judgement - Dave Dodge
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This audio gives you some examples of what I mean when I say that "Pointing the Finger" is a way of projecting onto others our own insecurities/limitations and how this can be used for our own benefit. And, more importantly, once we identify our insecurities that interfere with our happiness we can then use the methods I use to release those insecurities and live a happier, healthier life.


Writing or Journaling is a way to explore your emotions and difficult feelings in a healthy and creative way. It is a form of free self-expression that leads to personal growth. I often tell my clients that it is a great way to do therapy at home. Surprisingly, Journaling has been scientifically proven to improve cognitive functioning, strengthen the immune system, improve physical ailments, etc. as you will see when you explore some of the information below.

Writing/Journaling for Emotional Healing - Dave Dodge
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It's actually pretty amazing what Journaling can do for you. Even so, a word of caution. This practice can also bring up some long-held, deep seated traumatic feelings if you've been physically, sexually or even intensely emotionally abused so please be aware and if any of those feelings do come up please look into seeing a mental health professional to help you through them.

Body Awareness Exercise

So, why is Body Awareness important? For the purposes of this section on Body Awareness it's about knowing that YOU CAN'T HEAL WHAT YOU CAN'T FEEL. We hold both positive and negative feelings in our body and act/behave from these feelings. For the effective Release of our negative feelings, I believe it is essential that we are able to locate these feelings in the body first so we can target them and then track them as we are Releasing them to know when they are gone and no longer affecting us.

Body Awareness Exercise - Dave Dodge
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